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Woodworking furnitureMisasa Town, Tohaku County, Tottori Prefecture

Fujimoto was born in Tottori Prefecture, Misasa Town in 1964.

He studied art at the Nara University of Education. While a student, he became interested in woodworking. Completely unrelated to his art studies, he put his effort into making things: wooden speakers, a ping pong table, a portable cart, a skateboard, and so on. After working at a chair prototype company, furniture became his life work.

In 1998, while living in Nara City, Nara Prefecture (Tawara region), he began working as a carpenter. In 2013, he returned to his hometown of Misasa. There, he opened a workshop and started making wooden furniture again. The return home made him reflect on the idea of furniture as tools for daily living. With that thought, he began making simple, practical chairs and tables with conifer wood.

His new line of work debuted at COCOROSTORE, including a series of rustic but rationally constructed chairs that look like they would be found in a barn.


Woodworking furnitureTottori City, Tottori Prefecture

Kosakusha is a furniture workshop run by Akira Honma.
The company produces furniture, shop interiors and graphic design using Tottori wood as its main material.