Kokuzou Kiln

PotteryKurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture

In 1890, his grandparents noticed that the potter’s clay in Kurayoshi City was suitable for making pottery, and moved to this area.

Near the kiln, there is a mound dedicated to a chieftain named “Kuni no Miyatsuko”, who was from Hoki.The locals nicknamed the place Kokuzo-san.In 1975, Shuji I founded Kokuzo-yaki in honor of the name.

We live in an environment where we can look up at Mount Hoki-Daisan in the morning and evening, and we have lived with the soil since our grandparents’ generation.

I would like to become a potter who is familiar to the locals, so that they will call me “Kokuzo-san.
4th Generation Yoshiyasu Yamamoto